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OKJA Oat M*lk

OKJA Oat M*lk

Okja Oat Milk, made from Italian oats, makes silky smooth full-bodied hot drinks. It can be added to smoothies and cereals, and works wonderfully in baked goods as a milk substitute. Suitable for vegans and strict vegetarians.

Here's a little run-down of each ingredient and why it's in the m!lk you're drinking:

Italian Oats. It's O-A-T m!lk, right? So we tried to pack in as much as possible at 16%. A whopping 60% more than the famous Swedes. That means a richer, creamier mouthfeel and a denser foam for your latte. Oh, and something very important for us, and in case you were wondering, there is NO glyphosate residue in our oats :)

Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil.
We use only a drop (less than a gram!) of unrefined, cold-pressed sunflower oil per 100g as a natural emulsifier. It keeps the water and oats blended together to help us achieve such a smooth, creamy texture, without having to add gums, thickeners and other nasties.

Sea Salt.
Just a pinch to balance out the natural sweetness of the oats.
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