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Coastal Coffee Roasters

Chemex Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Chemex Pour-Over Coffee Maker

The Chemex Classic coffee makers combine simple function and visual elegance for the optimum extraction of full, rich-bodied coffee.

3 Cup Size

  • Brews 1-3, 150ml cups (1-1.5 mugs)
  • ~450ml in volume
  • Uses 3-cup half-circle filters

6 Cup Size

  • Brews 1-6, 150ml cups (1-3 mugs)
  • ~900ml in volume
  • Uses all Chemex filters except half-circle 3-cup version

    Product features

    • Pour-over coffee maker
    • Makes a clear, pure, flavourful cup of coffee without any bitterness or sediment
    • Made of heat resistant, non-porous glass
    • Comes with a wooden collar to make pouring without burning yourself easy
    • Uses proprietary bonded filters which remove all undesirable components from the coffee
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