New Limited Release: Uganda Bugisu

New Limited Release: Uganda Bugisu

New month. New coffee. Introducing our single origin from Uganda - Bugisu AA.

This one is bold with a chocolaty aroma. Malic acidity, hints of berries in flavour, with a creamy dark chocolaty finish.

Uganda, on the shores of Lake Victoria, straddles the equator and is the source of the Nile. Its coffees benefit from a bi-modal rainfall season, high altitudes and a year-round pleasant climate.

Mt. Elgon is a non-active volcano on Uganda’s border with Kenya and produces some of the country’s most sought-after Arabica. With growing altitudes up to 2,200 meters, plentiful rainfalls, volcanic soil and abundant shade trees, it produces coffees with bright acidity, good body and floral, citric and chocolate flavours.


Varietal: Nyasaland / Bugisu
Origin: Uganda, East Africa
Region: Various regions across Uganda

Altitude: 1500 to 2300 meters
Harvest: September to February
Process: Fully Washed and Sundried
Grade: Bugisu AA
Roast: Medium

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