New Limited Release: Autumn 2022 Blend

New Limited Release: Autumn 2022 Blend

Say hello and embrace the changing season with Coastal Coffee’s Autumn Blend 2022.

A blend of La Maseta (Colombia) and Mahonda (Burundi). This is a blend that features two coffees in their own roles for contributing flavors. The bright fruity note is from Burundi Mahonda and much of the boldness and body come from the Colombia La Maseta.

Colombia La Maseta
Varietal: Caturra, Castillo and Typica
Processing: Fully washed and Sundried
Altitude: 1800+ masl.
Producer: Various smallholder farmers
Region: Villamaria, Caldas, Colombia

Burundi Mahonda
Varietal: Bourbon⁣
Processing: Washed⁣
Washing Station: Mahonda⁣
Altitude: 1932 masl⁣
Producers: Approx. 40 farmers⁣
Community: Buraza⁣
Region: Gitega, Burundi

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