Brewing Success: Boxer Head Office installs new La Cimbali M23UP

Brewing Success: Boxer Head Office installs new La Cimbali M23UP

At Coastal Coffee Roasters, we're dedicated to elevating the coffee experience for our partners, and we're thrilled to announce our latest installation at the Boxer Head Office. This week, we equipped their coffee station with a state-of-the-art La Cimbali M23UP espresso machine, paired with an ANFIM grinder and Brew Tools barista equipment, all sourced from Equipment Cafe.

Why La Cimbali M23UP? The La Cimbali M23UP is an elegant and versatile machine, designed for ease of use and maintenance. Made of robust steel, it features an ergonomic design and a fixed-nozzle thermosyphon system that guarantees reliable, top-tier performance. Optional lights on the coffee group illuminate the workspace, enhancing the barista's experience. This machine is perfect for delivering consistent, excellent results in every cup.

Installation Day Highlights The installation process was a seamless collaboration between Coastal Coffee Roasters and the Boxer Head Office team. Here’s a recap of the day’s events:

  1. Assessment and Planning: Our team conducted a thorough assessment of the office space to determine the best setup for the new equipment, ensuring optimal workflow and functionality.

  2. Installation: We carefully installed the La Cimbali M23UP, ensuring all components were perfectly calibrated. The ANFIM grinder was set up to deliver consistent grinds, and the Brew Tools barista equipment was arranged for maximum efficiency.

  3. Training: We provided comprehensive training sessions for Boxer’s staff, ensuring they were confident in operating the new equipment. This included hands-on training with the espresso machine, grinder, and barista tools, covering everything from basic operation to advanced techniques.

  4. First Brew: The initial espresso shots pulled from the new setup were a testament to the quality and precision of the equipment. The rich aroma, perfect crema, and balanced flavor profiles were immediately apparent, promising an enhanced coffee experience for everyone at Boxer.

What This Means for Boxer Head Office With the La Cimbali M23UP and ANFIM grinder, Boxer’s team is now equipped to enjoy top-tier coffee right at their office. This installation underscores our shared commitment to excellence and quality, ensuring that every cup of coffee brewed is a delightful experience.


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