Cafe Supply

With an ever-growing number of cafés in the marketplace, it’s imperative to set yourself apart from the crowd. You need to have something special and something bold, that offers the consistency the consumer demands.

Our air-bed roasted coffees are just that; bright, clean, bold and punchy, and constantly performing above the industry norm.

Opening a cafe or wanting more from your coffee supplier?

We've helped hundreds of businesses open their doors, increased sales and we are growing a culture of empowered business owners & baristas.

Industry Advice

No matter whether you’re an already existing cafe looking to elevate your espresso game, or just starting out with a dream, we can guide you through every aspect of planning, setting up and settling in with your coffee offering. We are passionate about coffee, and are driven to see you succeed.

Being part of the Coastal Coffee family, we offer you a bespoke level of support, no matter where you are.

Opening a New Cafe?

Your coffee supplier will be crucial to the success of your new business, we're here to take the worry away and help you! It can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing a coffee supplier.

You're taking on enough risk, don't make your coffee supplier one of them. We can support you through the planning process, with equipment, training, business advice, systems and experienced advice throughout the whole journey.

We are coffee people, here to help you run a successful cafe and sell great coffee.

Changing Coffee Supplier?

Changing coffee suppliers can be easy when you've got a good team behind you.

We've helped many people change coffee suppliers because they weren't getting the support they wanted, they needed better equipment, more access to coffee training or they just wanted better tasting coffee! Let’s be honest, choosing the right coffee for your cafe is important.

There are so many coffee suppliers out there, it can be challenging to get the answers you want without being pushed into something. That's why we start with a coffee tasting, to make sure you're happy with the flavour of our coffee first and foremost. So, we'll come to you, or you can come to our roastery, whatever works best for you. If you're exploring your options for changing suppliers, we can be as discreet as you need us to be.

Whatever it is for you, don't wait another day, every day is costing you money.

Lets chat, contact us here.